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How Can We Help Your Child?

What is INPP?

The INPP Method is based on over 45 years of pioneering research, expertise and practice which has investigated and helped children to resolve physical factors underlying neuro-developmental, learning and behavioural problems.

It is a completely drug-free and non-invasive programme using tailored daily physical exercises to help a child succeed. INPP's proven track record demonstrates how the method can help children to overcome difficulties associated with reading, writing, dyslexia, developmental coordination disorder or Dyspraxia, educational underachievement, poor coordination, behavioural problems and more.


Mrs L from Cheshire

"It's been an amazing process for our children and we will never forget how this has positively impacted them. We feel it's helping them to realize, with greater ease, their full potential."

How it Works

How It Works

1. Submit an Enquiry

Email your enquiry to or click here to submit a form for your enquiry to go to INPP North Wales with INPP Director Sally Goddard Blythe, MSc.  Or find an INPP Licentiate near you here and email them directly. 

2. Online Consultation

Next you'll complete an online initial consultation with us.

3. In Person Assessment

Next you'll complete an in-person assessment with one of our trained practitioners.

4. Online Report Reading

Next, you'll receive our findings in a report discussed in a one hour session online.

5. Reviews

Finally you'll receive 8 weekly reviews either in person or online.

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