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INPP Practitioner
One-Year Training Course

INPP Post Graduate Course in INPP Theory, Diagnosis

and Treatment of Neuromotor Immaturity (NMI) Using the INPP Method

Training in the INPP Method is offered in the United Kingdom in connection with the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology. The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) was established in 1975 by psychologist Peter Blythe Ph. D. The Institute was set up as a private research organization to investigate the effects of immaturity in the functioning of the central nervous system in children with Specific Learning Difficulties and adults suffering from Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder; to devise reliable methods of assessment; and to develop, supervise and evaluate effective programs of remedial intervention.


INPP is a self-funding organization involved in research, clinical practice, and training in the methods developed at INPP.

Since 1975, INPP has treated many thousands of children and adults with problems linked to immaturity in the functioning of the central nervous system. It has also carried out published research into the efficacy of methods developed at INPP.

Dr. Peter Blythe started to provide training courses for small groups of professionals in the United Kingdom and Sweden in the late 1970’s. During the 1990’s a formal training course in the methods developed at INPP was established in the United Kingdom and this course is now available in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Australia, Mexico and the United States. INPP North Wales is the certifying body for all countries providing training in its methods. Sally Goddard-Blythe is the current Director of INPP.


This course is designed for anyone with a first degree and professional qualifications as well as a minimum of five years of experience in a field allied to Education, Medicine or Psychology. This includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech/Language Therapy.

A full curriculum vitae is required on application, along with supporting documentation.


  • Introduce students to the differences between normal and delayed reflex development, including signs, symptoms and implications.

  • Enable students to become competent in the identification and assessment of developmental delay related to retained primitive reflexes using the INPP Questionnaire and Diagnostic Assessment.

  • Develop the student's ability to interpret and communicate test results, supervise a remedial program and assess on-going progress.



  • Identify individuals who would potentially benefit from the INPP Individual Program.

  • Administer and interpret the INPP Diagnostic Assessment results.

  • Provide written reports based on assessment findings.

  • Devise an appropriate remedial program based on assessment results.

  • Perform follow-up assessments at regular intervals while a child is on the INPP Program.

  • Supervise and amend the INPP Program.

Teaching Personnel (UK)

Teaching Personnel UK


From 2024 Modules 1- 3 will be taught primarily by Pauline Shannon BSc.  Module 1 includes teaching sessions provided by visiting guest lecturers:  Professor Peter Dangerfield (Emeritus), former head of the School of Medicine at the University of Liverpool on development of the Central Nervous System (CNS) from conception and a practising midwife lecturer on the inter-relationship between primitive reflexes and development in pregnancy and the birth process.


Modules 2 and 3 require in-person attendance and are taught by Pauline Shannon BSc.  licensed by INPP Ltd to act as the INPP appointed trainer in INPP approved courses in the UK   Pauline has a background in working with children who are experiencing difficulties at home and in school.  Fomerly, she worked with children in residential homes in Aberdeen and as an Assistant Unit Manager in a secure unit in Edinburgh.  Following that she was a social worker for learning disabilities in Musselburgh and East Lothian before having a family of her own.   After a break to raise her family of three she undertook further education in the field of child development and education including a Waldorf teacher training course.  She has run a successful INPP practice in Edinburgh for 10 years.


Module 4 (Examination Module) is run jointly by Sally Goddard Blythe, Director of INPP Ltd and Pauline Shannon.  Examinations may be undertaken online at specified times. 


All applications for course due to commence autumn 2024 to be sent to:

Schedule for 2024-2025

Module 1                   7th - 10th October 2024             Online (x4 half days)

Module 2                   20th - 24th  January 2025           To be held in Edinburgh

Module 3                   22nd- 25th April 2025                  To be held in Edinburgh

Module 4                   16th - 17th June 2025                  Examinations

Module 1 may be attended online anywhere internationally.  However, the remaining modules must either be completed in the UK according to the schedule and fees of this course, or organised for attendance with the INPP National Principal in the student's country of intended INPP practice.


Fees for 2024 - 2025


Module 1     £800 

Module 2     £950 

Module 3     £950 

     Module 4     £750     


To request application forms, a full syllabus for the course, and to receive information regarding training agreement and Licentiate status

 please contact:

Post Graduate External Accreditation

Following successful completion of the INPP practitioner course (4 modules), students who wish to, may consider applying to a programme with advanced standing, offered by the School of Medicine, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), to earn post graduate credits for the course they have completed.  ​Awarding of credit points would involve the completion of additional assignments written in English directed by the University, and incur additional fees paid directly to the university. The complete INPP practitioner course is equivalent to 60 credit points towards a Master’s degree on completion of additional assignments and association with the university. For further information, please contact 

Slovakia Practioner Course

INPP Practioner Training Course for Slovakia 2024

Lecturer and management:  Anja van Velzen M.Ed.

Language of instruction:  German with simultaneous translation into Slovakian

Module 1: 31.5.2024 - 4.6.2024 (5 days)

Module 2: 15.10.2024 – 20.10.2024 (6 days)

Module 3: 5.02.2025 – 9.02.2025 (5 days)

Module 4: 3./4.05.2025 ONLINE and 9.5.2025 – 11.5.2025 (5 days)



Lotus Centrum
Na Hrůdách 1147, 69002 Břeclav, Cz


Information and registration:

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