Save Childhood Movement – Sally Goddard Blythe to Speak at this Weekends Fourish Summit

Save Childhood Movement – April 2013


Date: 25.04.2013 For Immediate Release

Experts combine forces to call for the protection of natural childhood

 Presentation example for 27th April at 3pm

Research projects in the UK, Germany and Hungary are consistently showing a link between immature neuromotor skills, school performance and under-achievement.

The crucial period for developing foundation neuromotor skills is the first two years of life.  Sally Goddard Blythe, (Director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester) will present evidence showing a link between children’s physical development and learning outcomes, language and behaviour, and argue that early years policy, instead of focusing on the teaching of literacy and numeracy in children under 5 should aim to nurture developmental readiness for education in the context of the family and early years provision.

Speaker contact details:

Sally Goddard Blythe

01244 311414 (0ffice hours);

07974 268350 (out of hours)

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