Save Childhood Movement – April 2013

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Date: 25.04.2013 For Immediate Release

Experts combine forces to call for the protection of natural childhood
In the past month alone, both UNICEF and the ONS have published reports on
child wellbeing. It seems not a day goes by without modern childhood coming
under prominent public scrutiny. Wellbeing is suddenly of both national and
global interest.
The Save Childhood Movement (SCM) – a coalition of eminent professionals
from across all disciplines concerned with childhood wellbeing - is formally
launching this weekend with its first, two-day summit.
An impressive line-up of speakers - including Anthony Seldon, Tim Gill, Reg
Bailey, Susan Greenfield and Sue Palmer – will share their expert concerns over
the need to protect children from any influences that might compromise their
health and wellbeing.
However, the movement does not focus on children in isolation. It suggests that
young people need to be in the company of happy, healthy parents, teachers and
carers – and that we need to look carefully at the kind of values that we are
promoting across society.
It quotes some of the disturbing statistics that have been published and
questions how this is representative of natural development:
1 in 10 children have a diagnosed mental health disorder
1 in 5 children are now registered as having Special Educational Needs
1 in 5 are showing the signs of having an eating disorder
1 in 3 are now clinically obese
1 in 12 self-harm
The SCM wants to explore the development of a science of wellbeing that will
measure the impact of all new policies or initiatives that affect young children.
It is concerned that a succession of UK governments have failed to recognize the
early years as a vital period in its own right - one where we develop the physical
skills, values and mindsets that underpin our wellbeing and behaviour throughout
life - focusing instead on measurable outcomes and ‘readiness’ for school.
The SCM considers this to be a betrayal of the power and potential of the child
and is calling for the establishment of a new, multi-disciplinary and apolitical
guidance body to protect young children from the politicisation of childhood.

For initial press enquiries, or to reach any of the Flourish speakers or specific
members of the SCM Advisory Board, please contact Hattie Garlick 07796 266705
Other contacts
Wendy Ellyatt Founding Director and CEO 07860 474688
Sue Palmer SCM Advisory Board member 07770 772014
Richard House SCM Advisory Board member 07949 376518
Saffia Farr SCM Director 07917 276410
Sushma Sahajpal SCM Director 07798 618972
The 2013 Flourish Summit – 27th and 28th April Early Childhood and the Science of Wellbeing
Note for editors The Save Childhood Movement is a unique and multidisciplinary
collaboration of experts and supportive organisations, all of who are concerned about child wellbeing in the UK.
The aims of the movement are:
- To bring together all those who are concerned about the current erosion of
childhood in the United Kingdom and to assist other countries with the same
issue to do the same
- To identify the core problems and to start seeking cultural and political solutions - To highlight, support and promote innovative and future-focused
solutions with the objectives: To initiate a national debate on the purpose of
education and the definition of success To ensure that states of wellbeing are
given the same prominence as skills of the intellect
To identify, and draw national and international attention to, the developmentally
inappropriate pressures that are compromising children's natural physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual development
To protect children, particularly in the early years, from the unforeseen social and
emotional impact of screen technology and to develop guidelines that also
acknowledge and celebrate the benefits of the digital world
To protect children's interests under the UN Convention on the Rights of the
Child and to highlight those articles concerning natural developmental rights that
are currently not being met
To call for the creation of a new multidisciplinary and apolitical body that would
act as advisor to government on the preservation and protection of children’s
natural developmental rights
To develop new, inspiring and innovative approaches that serve the true needs
of the developing child
Save Childhood Movement


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