Published Articles

Published articles by Sally Goddard Blythe:

  • EYFS Best Practice. All About Movement. Nursery World 2016.
  • Leaps Towards Learning. Early Years Education (EYE) October 2019
  • 2013Move on
    ‘A response to new government proposals for child care. Pages 14 and 15.’
  • 2013Response to budget proposals
    ‘Response to budget proposals which favour working parents over stay at home mothers’
  • 2011Schooldays Magazine
    ‘Secrets of Thriving Children’
  • 2011Linstock Newswire
    ‘Up to Half of Five year olds are not ready for School’
  • 8th May 2011The Guardian, Amelia Hill
    ‘Singing to Children may develop language skills’
  • 15th March 2011The Daily Mail
    ‘Fairy Tales are better for children than modern books’
  • 14th March 2011The Telegraph, Graeme Paton
    Parents who shun fairytales ‘miss chance to teach children morality’
  • 18th June 2011Priyo
    ‘Through fairytale teach morality to kids’
  • 31st August
    ‘Children unprepared for school’
  • 2nd June 2011BBC Radio 5 Live, Victoria Derbyshire and Sally Goddard Blythe
    ‘Many primary school pupils lack basic motor skills’
  • June 2011Jo Jingles web site,
    ‘Children not ready for school at 5’
  • 14th June 2011Nursery World, Catherine Gaunt
    ‘Motor skills gap hampers young children’s learning’
  • 3rd March 2010Nursery World
    ‘Motor skills put to the test’
  • 2011Toddler Kindy GymbaROO
    Toddler Kindy GymbaROO
  • 17th March 2011Daily Express, Dr Pam Spurr
    ‘The real life lessons in fairy tales’
  • July 2011Montessori International
    Ask the Expert, Q and A with Sally Goddard Blythe
  • 15th March 2011The Sun Newspaper, Sally Goddard Blythe
    ‘Scary stories help children know right from wrong’
  • 23 October 2009 – Times Educational Supplement
    Cambridge primary review: government would do well to heed these child-centred recommendations
  • 7 September 2009 – Interview with
    Sally Goddard Blythe Discusses What Babies And Children Need
  • 12 June 2009 – Nursery World
    Reading is to be shared
  • 20 May 2009 –
    Interview with Tracy Stevens – A Better Education
  • 14 May 2009 – Daily Mail
    Special needs and the legacy of virtual playtime
  • 12 May 2009 – Times Educational Supplement
    Relentless growth is special needs
  • April to June 2009 – Montessori International
  • 12 March 2009 – Nursery World
    Real Interactivity
  • 24 February 2009 –
    Learning to move and move to learn
  • 3 February 2009 – Daily Mail (Bel Mooney)
    Why do the left hate the family? Liberals will ignore new findings that children growing up with a mother and father fare best
  • February 2009 – IQ journal
    Physical interaction and social engagement – essential ingredients for later learning success
  • January 2009 – New View
    Why movement is an essential ingredient of child’s development
  • 2009 – Kindred Spirit
    Prioritising children’s needs in a materialistic world
  • 19 December 2008 – Times Educational Supplement
    Daily exercise is better than none
  • 16 December 2008 – Daily Mail
    Couch potato babies strapped into their seats
  • October to December 2008 – Montessori International
    Observing and identifying physical readiness for learning
  • December 2005 – Medical Veritas
    Reflections of brain-body functioning
  • December 2005 – Medical Veritas
    Transcript of a radio interview with Sally Goddard Blythe for Autismone Radio
  • July 2005 – Daily Telegraph
    A Circular Road to Recovery
  • May 2005 – Special Needs Coordinators File
    The Importance of Sounding Out for Hearing Within
  • April 2005 – Times Educational Supplement
    Motor Skills Drive Success
  • February 2005
    Lost in Education – Identifying and Help for the Under-Achieving Child
  • January 2005 – Special Needs Coordinators File
    Releasing Intelligence through Movement
  • 2005 – Dyslexia Online Journal
    Cerebellar Theory Should Not be Discounted in Response to Aggressive Marketing Strategy

Radio Interviews

  • 2nd June 2011BBC Radio 5 Live
    Victoria Derbyshire and Sally Goddard Blythe ‘Many primary school pupils lack basic motor skills’
  • February 2009 – BBC Radio 4
    Moral Maze
  • January 2009 – BBC London Radio
    Vanessa Feltz show
  • 2009 – BBC Radio Merseyside
    Guest opinions on news affairs