*New Publication” What babies and children REALLY need.

“What babies and children REALLY need”. This exciting new title is essential reading for all parents and future parents. It examines child development from the perspective of what children need from the environment to grow into healthy, happy and socially well adjusted adults.
Child development begins with the pre-conceptual environment and is shaped by events through pregnancy, birth, feeding, physical interaction and social integration in the early years, which set the scene for much of later adolescent and adult behaviour. This book examines many of the current problems in today’s society and attempts to provide answers to what can be done both by parents and society in general to prevent a downward spiral into selfish and anti-social behaviour. For further details see www.inpp.org.uk/publications/books.

“I hope you are ready to give a very big splash of publicity on this book when it comes out. It fills a niche for educators, medical professionals, therapists, family members, potential parents and new parents….” Mary Waller, Professor Emeritus. University of Wisconsin.

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