Limited follow-up service available in London for families resident in London and the south-east


Information for families travelling from the south and south east



Due to an increasing number of families currently on an INPP programme who travel to Chester from London, the south and south east, INPP will be offering a limited service whereby families can be seen in London (for  follow- up reviews only) from March 2009 for a trial period of one year.


Appointments will be available on a set day once every 2 months. In order to cover INPP’s travel, room hire and accommodation expenses, the fee for a review in London will be £175 plus VAT for a one hour appointment.  We hope that in many cases, this fee is less than the combined cost of a family having to travel to Chester and the fee for a regular review in Chester (£100 plus VAT).


This service will only be available to families who are currently on an INPP Programme. Neuro-developmental assessments, report readings and audiometric assessments and audiometric reviews will still need to be carried out in Chester.  Children who are on both a movement programme and Johansen Sound Therapy will still need to visit Chester every second review for audiometric re-assessment.


Please note it may not be possible to be seen by the same practitioner in London on each occasion.  Practitioners regularly travelling to London will be Sally Goddard Blythe and Stephanie Perring.


When Sally Goddard Blythe is seeing clients in London there will also be space for 2 initial consultations for families resident in the south and south-east who are prepared to travel to Chester for the neuro-developmental assessment and report reading, but who would like to have follow-up reviews in London.


As arrangements for room hire to provide this service must be made several months in advance and cannot be cancelled, failure to attend an appointment without at least 48 hours notice will result in the full fee being charged. Appointments cancelled less than a week in advance will result in a fee of £25 plus VAT.






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