Assessments of Adults

Whilst much of our studies relate to children, Neuro-Motor Immaturity is not exclusively a child’s problem.

Reflex associated problems usually manifest themselves during the formative years. However, if these abnormalities are not recognised during childhood, they must be compensated for in some way. The price paid for performance is usually increased susceptibility to stress.

It is common for symptoms to first appear during times of significant change. For example, students entering higher education may experience difficulties for the first time: the combination of leaving home, learning to make new friends and coping with large amounts of reading in less structured learning environments, bring to the surface difficulties that have been previously concealed by the process of compensation. When these problems are identified and treated at a neurological and physical level, students start to succeed in their chosen careers.

We can help adults with agoraphobia, balance-related problems, panic disorder and some types of flying phobias.

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If Neuro-motor Immaturity is a factor, correcting the underlying faults can help the sufferer regain cognitive control.

If you have been diagnosed, or are showing other symptoms of NMI, please contact INPP to discuss this further.

Please note, only some emotional problems are connected to NMI.