Module 2

The aim of module 2 is for students to become competent in the administration, interpretation and evaluation of tests using the INPP Diagnostic Assessment. Instruction is provided in the use of subtests for

  • Gross Muscle Coordination and Balance
  • Patterns of Motor Development
  • Cerebellar Involvement
  • Dysdiadochokinesia
  • Primitive and Postural Reflexes
  • Laterality
  • Oculo-motor Functioning
  • Visual Perception

Seminar discussion based on case studies using INPP Developmental Screening Questionnaire is included.

Assignments following Module 2

  • Students are required to use The INPP Diagnostic Assessment on a minimum of 6 subjects (24 hours). Use of the INPP assessment instrument involves the administration and accurate scoring of tests and interpretation of results.
  • Students must also continue to carry out continuous background reading of recommended texts (from each section of the Reading List).