DDAT(Dore)Door Closes

The recent announcement that DDAT (UK) Limited Camden Holdings Limited are both in Administration (the Companies) has left many families seeking help in limbo.

INPP has been successfully helping children with educational difficulties linked to vestibular (balance) and co-ordination problems since 1975 using both tailor-made and school based (class activity) movement programmes.

Children are first screened on the basis of developmental history and presenting symptoms to assess whether an INPP programme is suitable. (Please note an INPP Programme is not suitable for all children and does not claim to cure all forms of Dyslexia)

If appropriate, a neuro-developmental diagnostic assessment is then carried out using a range of non-invasive standardised medical tests to assess: gross muscle co-ordination and balance; fine motor control; abnormal cerebellar involvement; primitive and postural reflexes; oculo-motor functioning (eye movements); visual-perceptual performance and auditory processing.

Based on the assessment findings, an individual exercise programme is compiled, which is carried out under parental supervision at home. Time involved in carrying out the programme is 5 – 10 minutes per day. The average duration of an INPP Programme is 12 months and involves approximately 9 -10 visits to Chester.

Payment is made at the end of each session. Payment is not required in advance.

5 steps to accessing an INPP programme:

1. Complete and return the INPP Screening Questionnaire
2. Initial Consultation
3. Neuro-Developmental Diagnostic Assessment and Exercise Programme
4. Report Reading
5. Reviews at 8 weekly intervals

For further information, screening questionnaire, research and publications, see www.inpp.org.uk

For individual advice, information pack by post and fee structure contact 01244 311414.

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