INPP Licentiates

INPP offers three levels of training to professionals in aspects of the INPP method necessary to obtain and maintain Licentiate INPP practitioner status and membership

On successful completion of the INPP Practitioner course, students may become Licentiates of INPP.
To maintain Licentiate INPP Practitioner status, membership must be renewed annually to show that:
1. The Licentiate practitioner has successfully completed an INPP approved training course;
2. The Licentiate practitioner attends a bi-annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) day organised by INPP;
3. The Licentiate practitioner agrees to apply the method according to guidelines set out in training and practice under a code of ethics which is designed for public protection.

To locate the nearest Licentiate INPP Practitioner to you, see list below. Please note that any person, organisation or other entity that does not appear on this list is not a Licentiate INPP Practitioner operating under the approved Licentiate qualification required to practise the INPP method and they are not lawfully entitled to hold themselves out or advertise as being a Licentiate INPP Practitioner other than the persons listed here or on the INPP international or national websites.

INPP Licentiates 2022-23 –
for a list of INPP Licentiates in 14 other countries outside of the UK, please visit the INPP National websites via the International Contact link.


Ann Swain UK, West Sussex
Suzanne Hanway Ireland, Dublin
Lorraine Caden Ireland, Co. Kerry
Beverly Hardy UK, East Berkshire
Claire De Gruchy UK, Jersey
Zsuzsanna Burian UK, Buckinghamshire
Jacqueline Ellis UK, Wiltshire
Nicola Boughton-Smith UK, Berkshire
Katy Oatridge UK, Oxfordshire
Karen Andor UK, London
Mairi MacIver Clark UK, Scotland
Pauline Shannon UK, Scotland
Pete Griffin UK, Walsall
Carmel Mullan Ireland, Co Antrim
Judy Breen Ireland, Co. Clare
Nicola Parkinson UK, Wiltshire
Stephanie Perring UK, North Wales
Rachel Gately Ireland, Co. Galway





Marie Eines Seljebo Norway
Magdalena Zweegman Hungary
Sultane Bilbilaj Albania
Helle Holter Norway
Maryna Pristinska Ukraine
Eva Brittmark Norway
Lene Solli Fitzgerald Norway
Jenny Monnin France
Miroslava Knoth Slovakia
Anastasia Varsamopoulou Greece
Eva Beijer-Olsen Sweden
Christina Karlsson Sweden
Anders Nilsson Sweden
Helena Skorsemo Sweden
Ase Arvefors Sweden
Carin Jacobsson Sweden
Maria Johansson Sweden
Hanna Isaksson Sweden


Rest of the World

Nancy Martinez Mexico
Eve Chabord Canada
Sheron Snaas Dubai, UAE
Terrie Spencer Dubai, UAE
Jane Posnett Oman
James Tang Singapore
Ruby Walsh Oman
Yijing Chen China
Regina Salvetti Brazil