INPP Licentiates

INPP provides a post graduate training course for professionals wanting to add the INPP Method to their existing professional qualifications. Details of this training course can be found at

Following successful completion of the INPP training course, Licentiates agree to abide by a code of ethics and to fulfil requirements for continuing professional development by attending an INPP approved supervision at least once every two years if they are practising in the UK, (every 3 years if practising in Europe and every 5 years if practising in other parts of the world if not available within their country of residence). UK licentiate membership is renewed once a year. You can view the INPP structure here.


INPP Licentiates


Licentiate Name


Ann Swain UK, West Sussex
Beverly Hardy UK, Derbyshire
Claire DeGruchy UK, Jersey
Jacqueline Ellis UK, Wiltshire
Janet Glover UK, Stockport
Jenny Fry UK, Berkshire
Julie-Anne Kelly UK, Dover
Julia Willcock UK, Cambridge
Karen Beveridge UK, Scotland
Liz Baker UK, Co. Durham
Mairi Maciver Clark UK, Scotland
Maureen Brooks UK, Cheadle
Pat Preedy UK, Dorset
Pauline Shannon UK, Scotland
Pete Griffin UK, Walsall
Rebecca Duncombe UK, Leicestershire
Richard O’Hara UK, Hull
Sarah Rauchas UK, Scotland
Sophie Thwaites UK, Brighton
Aoife Caulfield* Ireland, Co. Clare
Carmel Mullan Ireland, Co Antrim
Eileen Faughnan Ireland, Co. Leitrim
Judy Breen* Ireland, Co. Clare
Marie De Lasa Ireland, Co. Carlow
Yvonne Slevin Ireland, Co. Meath


Heli Kaldoja Estonia
Pille-Riina Kivinurm Estonia
Magdalena Zweegman Netherlands
Eva Brittmark Norway
Lene Solli Fitzgerald Norway
Marie E Seljebø* Norway
Raluca Ileana Paun Romania

Rest of the World

Sharmeen Tahir Canada
Eve Chabord Canada
Sheron Snaas Dubai, UAE
Terrie Spencer Dubai, UAE
Shikha Kumar India
Eileen Boland New Zealand
Heather Verstappen New Zealand
Yukiko Kabuki Japan
Natalia Lunina Russia
Jane Posnett Oman

*denotes qualification to deliver the INPP One Day Training Course for Teachers