Celebrating 25 years of training in the INPP method in Germany

Celebrating 25 Years of Training in the INPP Method in Germany

A Tribute to Thake Hansen-Lauff

In 1993-94 following a quest to find effective training to help her son who had Cerebral Palsy, Thake Hansen-Lauff led a group of post graduate students from the University of Hamburg to attend training in the INPP method at its source in Chester.  Following successful completion of the course, she was appointed as the INPP Principal responsible for providing training in the method in Germany on the 6th December 1995.

Out of those students, Anja van Velzen later joined Thake in the provision of training in southern Germany and became the trainer for Austria, Switzerland and more recently, Lichtenstein.  Thake has since been joined by two co-trainers in Germany, but it was Thake who was instrumental in setting up the first training courses in Germany and who has overseen provision of the INPP approved training courses for the past 25 years.

In addition to training, this has involved extensive translation of all INPP materials, several books and arranging of conferences. Thake has been tireless in paying meticulous attention to detail and ensuring accuracy in translation, the integrity of the method and in maintaining standards in the provision of training materials at the point of delivery.

Since 1995, she has trained more than 400 professionals of which 220 are currently listed as Licentiates of INPP in Germany.

Our admiration and thanks go to Thake for the tireless work she has done in making the INPP method accessible to thousands of families, teachers and other professionals in Germany and for her dedication to the method and the many people involved.

Many congratulations on your 25th anniversary.

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