Raising Happy Healthy Children

Why Mothering Matters

Sally Goddard Blythe / Paperback
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Updated second edition of What Babies and Children Really Need
• Latest research about pre-natal, baby and child development.
• Explains how social changes have unleashed a crisis in childhood.
• Explores the crucial developmental early years from a child’s perspective.
• Shows how parents can give their child the best start in life.
This fully revised book is essential reading for parents, teachers and early years
educators, health visitors, paediatricians, special needs teachers and educational
psychologists. It presents convincing research to show how a baby’s relationship
with its mother has a lasting, deep impact. Recent social changes – such as
delayed motherhood, limited uptake of breastfeeding and early return to work
– are interfering with the key developmental milestones essential for wellbeing
in later life. Sally Goddard Blythe says, ‘We need a society that gives children
their parents, and most of all, gives babies their mothers back.’
1. Conception and society – the politics of fertility
2. Does early development matter?
3. Events surrounding birth
4. Events following birth – risk factors
5. Breastfeeding
6. Movement instinct
7. Language instinct
8. Building on the first year – the neuroscience of developing emotions
9. Factors parents can control
10. What needs to be done?

ISBN: 978-1-907359-83-5;