A History of The INPP Method 1975-2018

The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology was set up in 1975 by PhD Psychologist Peter Blythe with the aim of researching into the effect of immaturity in the functioning of the central nervous system on specific learning difficulties and adults suffering from agoraphobia and panic disorder. This book explores the history of INPP, the development of Read More


Movement. Your Child’s First Language

Available Now Movement, Your Child’s First Language challenges our mainstream assumptions about early development and learning with a rich distillation of perennial wisdom and cutting-edge science. In this revolutionary new book, Sally Goddard Blythe eschews politically-correct accelerationism with her refreshing focus on children’s real age-appropriate needs – as opposed to the ones that impatient adults Read More


The Well Balanced Child

Concern about the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of young children is reaching unprecedented levels.  Around a third of British children are overweight, reflecting the decline of traditional outdoor pursuitsin favour of electronic games and television. A raft of studies show that the early years are a crucial window of opportunity during which the brain is primed Read More


The Genius of Natural Childhood

Many children are just not ready for school at age 5. One reason may be that busy parents have abandoned nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, singing lullabies and playing with their children. Sally Goddard Blythe uses neuroscience to show just why such ‘old fashioned ways’ are the secrets of thriving children in her eagerly awaited new Read More


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