Reading attainment changed little since the 1950’s

A study carried out at the University of Durham has found that despite the millions of pounds poured into different reading schemes and the government’s literacy programme, children’s reading attainment has shown little change since the 1950’s. This is not entirely surprising. Neither government nor education policy makers in general seem willing to investigate children’s Read More


Effects of alcohol in pregnancy on children’s behaviour

A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry Journal (6.11.07) have uncovered a relationship between alcohol use during pregnancy and behavioural problems in children.  Conduct problems cited include kicking, fighting, bullying, being , poor impulse control and attention problems. It is still not known what constitutes a “safe” limit for pregnant women to drink, Read More


Breast fed babies are brighter

Only last year, a study was published by the Medical Research Council refuting the long held belief that breast feeding can help to optimise a child’s intelligence. They maintained that previous studies had not taken the mother’s social and educational background into account. Yesterday, the results of two new studies were reported – one from New Zealand and the other Read More