1:4 children in the UK is obese when they start school

Figures quoted in the news yesterday concerning the rise in childhood obesity make grim reading for the future health and well being of these children. There are many contributory factors – some obvious – others more insidious. Weight gain occurs as a direct result of a balance between energy input, in terms of food ingested, Read More


Lost for words – children’s reading week – October 22nd

October 22nd sees the beginning of children’s reading season on Channel 4 – a season dedicated to encouraging and supporting reading in children.  This is an important initiative as one survey carried out for Granada TV last year revealed that 40% of parents admitted that they had never read to their child.  The desire to read and developing “readiness” in terms Read More


Tories will ensure more playgrounds for children

Subject: Play matters Regeneration of playgrounds is a beginning, but play is about far more than a visit to the playground.  Play begins with mother-infant interaction in the first days and weeks of life. Play is about freedom to move and interaction with the environment both physical and social.   Baby equipment may be great as Read More