Raising Happy Healthy Children

Raising Happy Healthy Children is a fully-updated second edition of What Children and Babies Really Need. With new information carefully added, this book examines the crucial early years from a child’s perspective. It draws on the latest scientific research to show how the first few years determine the way children develop, body and mind, for Read More


Attention Balance and Coordination: The A.B.C of Learning Success 2nd Edition

An updated edition of the definitive handbook on the physical basis for learning for professionals involved in education and child development, written by the respected author of acclaimed titles in the field. A comprehensive overview of the relationship between neuromotor maturity and physical development on learning outcomes and behaviour in childhood and later life Explores Read More


Wings of Childhood (CD)

Songs to aid children’s development plus a booklet with suggested activities for children aged 2–6 years to use with parents. Click for more details about this CD


Miracle Children

“I consider Miracle Children a book that tens of thousands of parents throughout the Western world have been waiting for, because it proves that their dreams and hopes as parents can become reality. It is the dream of every parent that their children will be happy and free from any behavioural problems or difficulties at Read More


Ready Steady Go!

Celia and Pat have pursued a shared interest in the link between movement and brain development through the INPP. They have collaborated on a number of projects as well as training teachers and early years’ specialists in the INPP movement programme. Ready Steady Go! is a daily fun movement programme developed for babies and young Read More


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